Where is My Money Going

Every time you make a purchase of any One Cup’s award-winning coffees, something amazing is set in motion. Like every coffee company, the sale price of a bag of coffee funds the purchase of green coffee beans, and the overhead to operate roasting equipment and pay the team that makes it all happen. At the end of the day, whatever is not spent ends up on the bottom line as profit.

At One Cup, it doesn’t stop there. Baked into our “More Than Profit” business model, is a substantial donation from every sale, directly to non-profit partner World Vision to help fund the eradication of extreme global poverty. With each coffee order, One Cup donates a minimum of 15% of the sale, which is then multiplied by matching grants, so that every dollar you spend, generates a dollar of impact in the world’s toughest places.

So, what exactly does this impact do? Well, it’s hard to put this in a few words. If you’ve ever witnessed extreme poverty in the developing world, you know how devastating just seeing these conditions is, let alone what it would be like to live them. There is no easy answer, and to effect true change for good takes a very long time. The good thing, is that World Vision takes the long view. Founded over 65 years ago, World Vision spends a minimum of 10 years in each community where it works – sometimes up to 30 years. The point is to leave the community when it is ready to stand on it’s own, so all the great work is perpetuated by the very people it benefits.

Because the problems of extreme poverty are systemic and all encompassing, the solutions need to be as well. Clean water and sanitation is a basic building block onto which can be added – increased food security, access to medical care, education and economic development opportunities. Until all these pillars are in place, the community cannot be fully self-sustaining, and each pillar has many complexities. For a deeper glimpse of just one project your purchases support, check out this link:


This ENSURE (Enhancing Nutrition, Stepping Up Resilience and Enterprise) grant focuses on lifesaving water, food and care that leverages each One Cup donation by 6 times. These grants provide meaningful support to accomplish life-changing initiatives in 39 of the countries that World Vision works in.

Your purchases really do have the power to change the world – one cup at a time.