What ‘Good’ Does a Coffee Subscription Do?

Did you know you can generate $650 of life-giving aid every year, just by drinking coffee? As a ‘for instance’, that could provide long-term access to clean water for 13 people. And we know that access to clean water saves and transforms lives. And we think that’s a pretty good thing.

When we started The One Cup Project, it was really an experiment to see if people would change their habits in order to do something ‘good’. Our motto was and still is: ‘change your coffee | change the world. By making a decision to buy this coffee (One Cup) instead of that coffee (whatever you normally have in your pantry), you are actually making a decision to help others AND drink righteous tasting coffee while doing it. How does drinking coffee cause this ‘good’ to come about, you ask? Well, every dollar you spend on coffee generates a dollar of impact in some of the world’s toughest places. We accomplish this through an innovative ‘More than Profit’ model that leverages our donation from each sale with multiplying grants, so that each dollar we receive for our coffee, creates a dollar’s worth of impact for children and families like this one.

Since we knew that the prevailing coffee buying habit has been to just grab a bag off the grocery store shelf, we wanted – no, we needed an equally convenient way to allow our customers to ‘do good’ while meeting the most primal human need – coffee.

Enter the coffee subscription. It took a lot of custom code to get our website to accommodate this, but we did it. We created a super cool and easy to use way to get the coffees you select on a regular schedule that you decide. You’re in control of the whole process, and you can make any changes you want right from your account page online. If you want to increase or decrease the frequency, or put it on hold for vacation, no problem! If you want to change the coffees in your box, no problem! If you want to switch from ground to beans or vice versa, no problem! If you changed credit cards or moved and need to update your info – you get the picture. It’s super easy, takes minutes to set up, and you’re always in control. Oh, and remember that $650 in life-giving aid? That’s our average coffee subscriber who uses a bag a week – say 3 bags every three weeks or 4 bags every four weeks (52 bags at an average price of $12.50 each).

We’ve endeavored to make our subscription box something you look forward to receiving each month. When you see that iconic red box on your doorstep, you know you’ve just received a fresh batch of amazing coffees to enjoy and share. In fact, we usually include a post card explaining what One Cup’s all about. The idea is that you toss these in your junk drawer and have them available to share when friends come over and the subject of coffee comes up (and it always comes up – doesn’t it?).

Since the beginning, we’ve relied on our die-hard customers to spread the word to everyone they know who loves great coffee AND has a big heart for doing good in the world. Our subscription program just makes it easy to always keep the goods coming in, so more of the good can go out – if you know what I mean. So that’s what’s so good about our coffee subscription. Are ya in?

As your reward for reading this post to the end, use promo code: SIGNMEUP when you set up your new subscription in our store and we’ll put a $20 credit in your account for use on your next order. When you’re all signed up, be a superhero and share this code with all your friends! Together we can change the world – One Cup at a time. Cheers!