What Do We Mean By ‘Brewed With Heart’?

A few years after we started One Cup, we adopted the tag line ‘Brewed with Heart in the Pacific Northwest’. We were looking for a way to communicate our approach to business and where we ‘come from’ in the most succinct way possible.

We are more than a coffee company. We love what we do. We love the Pacific Northwest where we live – the birthplace of specialty coffee in America. And we love and care about people. We have combined our passion for great coffee, with a heart for a world in need. But it goes farther than our desire to help those less fortunate. We have chosen to do business in a way that serves everyone involved, not just the owners. We want our team members and vendors to prosper and be treated with care. We want our customers to feel appreciated like the honored guests they are, and we want to be good neighbors and community members by our care and presence.

We realize everything we do has a ripple effect. We may be ‘just’ packing orders for people we don’t know, and that could seem pretty mundane. But we realize that our faithful customer is anticipating that order, in its iconic red box. That coffee may be savored with friends and family, and shared with guests while sharing life together. We realize that our customers REALLY love their coffee, and count on us to deliver the flavor consistency and freshness they expect, and quickly. Best of all, we realize that their coffee purchase, by virtue of our “more than profit” business model, is generating life giving aid for children and families in some of the world’s toughest places. For the beneficiaries, life will never be the same. The difference between walking for 7 hours to fetch dirty water that makes them sick, and walking 7 minutes to a newly installed deep bore well can change everything for these families. In some cases, it is the difference between life and death.

So, whether we are packaging orders for home, or hand crafting beverages one-at-a-time for our customers in our cafes, or designing the website or maintaining the equipment, we put our heart into everything we do, and we realize that everything we do is creating a positive impact in the world. So, that’s what we mean when we say One Cup Coffee is “Brewed with Heart in the Pacific Northwest”