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After two decades working in the Seattle coffee scene and a life-changing trip to Kenya, we founded One Cup Coffee out of a love for high quality, organic, and ethically sourced coffee. We also felt there was a BIG opportunity to use our commerce-based culture here in America as a means to address social issues at home and abroad.

At OneCup.org our business model is called ‘More Than Profit’ –  A well-rounded model that addresses human needs for our customers, employees, farmers, local community, and global neighbors. We strongly believe that simple purchases such as coffee can help someone less fortunate, all around the world.

On behalf of the One Cup team, thank you for exploring our mission driven brand. We hope you’ll try us out and watch the impact that your purchases will make.

Christian Kar
CEO & Founder

100% Committed.

The One Cup Project is committed to roasting insanely delicious coffee and delivering a portion of our profit to local and global humanitarian efforts.

When you purchase coffee from our online store, 15% (or roughly $2 per bag) is given to a fundraising network. Thanks to some incredible folks – that $2 is multiplied 5-8x by public and private grants. So, every dollar you spend generates a dollar of impact for those in need. We call it Dollar for Dollar. Most of us consume coffee every day, so why not make this purchase (and many others) go towards helping our neighbors? It can.


Every $1 you spend with One Cup generates $1 towards humanitarian aid to these causes and more.

drinking water

Drinking Water




Disaster Relief

drinking water

School Lunches

drinking water

Gender Equality

drinking water

Child Protection

drinking water