Our Story

The (very) Short Story:

The One Cup Project is committed to roasting insanely delicious coffee and delivering a portion of our profit to local and global charities.

When you purchase from our retail stores a portion of your purchase goes to a local charity. When you purchase coffee from our online store a minimum of 15%,  or roughly $2 per retail bag sold is donated directly to World Vision USA. Here’s the most amazing part – these funds are then multiplied by 5-8x by matching grants, so that EVERY DOLLAR YOU SPEND ON OUR AWARD WINNING COFFEE GENERATES A DOLLAR OF IMPACT in the world’s toughest places. Dollar for Dollar. It’s a revolution in coffee that starts with you.

Want to know more? Read on.


The One Cup Project was founded in 2010 by Christian Kar – the dude that practically invented drive through espresso in the northwest.

In the late stages of the past decade, businesses were under fire. We were on the heels of the Enron scandal and the housing market was crashing. Stories of bailed-out financial institutions throwing elaborate company parties and buying yachts dominated the news.

Christian decided there must be a friendlier, more human way of doing business. He set out to create a business model called ‘More Than Profit’ – a business whose goals included more than just a healthy bottom line, a well-rounded model that addressed a whole range of human needs for our customers, employees, local and global neighbors. The One Cup Project was born.

How We Work

Deliver a Perfect Product

Though we’re fully invested in a More Than Profit business model, we’re first and foremost coffee roasters and baristas.

We purchase the highest quality beans we can find, often from farmers we have personal relationships with.

We are also minimalists. We believe that one of the secrets to human happiness is having less things, and only things we truly enjoy. So we work to make sure our packaging is beautiful and our coffees simple and delicious.

We do our best to select simple, useful coffee accessories that can be purchased at reasonable prices.

Treat Everyone like a Human

We’re exhausted by business jargon, suits and ties, the sales pitch, and the like. We prefer to be treated like humans, and we don’t think we’re alone in that.

From the supply chain to the owners to the baristas and the customers to our local and global neighbors, we’ve decided to be kind, authentic, and down-to-earth in all of our relationships.

Have a Positive Impact

For every bag of coffee, morning latte, french press, or whatever else you purchase – a portion of that purchase goes to local and global charities.

We handpick charities with sustainable, well-executed models and a proven track record of good work in the communities they reach.

Brewed with Heart

As a company, we want to live with passion and compassion. We are passionate about our work, our relationships, and living a full life. We are compassionate towards our neighbors, customers, and world.

Some ways this might play out:

Carefully sourced, roasted, package, and prepared coffees. A general sense of slowness and thoughtfulness towards our products.

Treating employees, coworkers, and customers like humans: with care + maturity, regardless of the bottom line.

Giving a portion of our proceeds to local and global charities.

Valuing community: long dinners with friends, time with family, a generous spirit, an adventurous + peaceful approach to life.

We sometimes end our tagline with ‘in the Pacific Northwest’ which represents One Cup’s commitment to place. We live and breathe the Pacific Northwest and the laid-back, crunchy, adventurous + outdoorsy spirit of its people.