Our Mission

From our early days until now, One Cup Coffee has held fast to a singular mission; help change the world one cup at a time. Today, this mantra remains the very heart of our company. We want to make a difference not just by creating amazing coffee but by giving our customers an opportunity to give back in a meaningful way.

Of course, it all starts with developing great coffee. For more than two decades, we have sought to master the craft of creating distinctly delicious coffees that can be enjoyed by coffee lovers everywhere. Our repertoire of awarding winning exclusive signature blends and single origin coffees, give you a chance to explore what you love most about your brew. From rich dark roasts crafted in the traditional PNW method to golden exotic micro-lots from all over the world, we want to share what excites us most about coffee with you.

Our company is more than just another exciting coffee roaster, we’ve got big hearts with a desire to make a real difference in the world. With your help and the support of great organizations like World Vision, we’re giving back truly one cup at a time. To learn more how your support makes a tangible difference, Explore the Vision with us.