500k in Charitable Impact

Because of your ongoing support, we just reached an incredible milestone. As of today, we’ve surpassed $500,000 in charitable impact purely through the sale of coffee! Yup, you heard that right! Our loyal customers have helped us generate over half a million dollars in charitable impact simply by partnering with One Cup to supply households [...]


What ‘Good’ Does a Coffee Subscription Do?

Did you know you can generate $650 of life-giving aid every year, just by drinking coffee? As a ‘for instance’, that could provide long-term access to clean water for 13 people. And we know that access to clean water saves and transforms lives. And we think that’s a pretty good thing. When we started The [...]


What’s Behind The Quirky Names?

As an enterprise founded in the Pacific Northwest, we really connect with a sense of place and history. We are passionate about our home state of Washington - both its scenic splendor, and its iconic past. We value the simplicity of bygone eras, and the hard work, commitment and lives of those who came before [...]


What Do We Value?

Since the average attention span these days is purported to be just six seconds, we started this post knowing we’d probably have to break it into parts. If you missed part one, you can read it here. It’s a very hard exercise to try to state what you stand for in very few words. If [...]


What Does One Cup Stand For? What Do We Value?

What Does One Cup Stand For? What Do We Value? Hmmm. How to articulate what we stand for in few enough words that you’ll read the whole thing? That’s tough. We may have to take this one in a few stages. The One Cup Project started in 2010 as an outgrowth of the desire to [...]


What Do We Mean By ‘Brewed With Heart’?

A few years after we started One Cup, we adopted the tag line ‘Brewed with Heart in the Pacific Northwest’. We were looking for a way to communicate our approach to business and where we ‘come from’ in the most succinct way possible. We are more than a coffee company. We love what we do. [...]


What’s Special About Our Coffee?

Almost every coffee roaster you encounter uses superlatives to describe their coffee and to convince you it’s the best. So, how are you able to distinguish one from another if they all claim such greatness? Well, we have always said, “the proof is in the cup”. That is to say, we want you to be [...]


What Exactly is Fair Trade?

Coffee is a commodity. As a matter of fact, it is the second most traded commodity in the world, behind oil - and coffee farming is extremely hard work. Just to produce a single pound of the beans used to brew our favorite morning beverage (about what one tree produces annually), a tree must be [...]


Where is My Money Going

Every time you make a purchase of any One Cup’s award-winning coffees, something amazing is set in motion. Like every coffee company, the sale price of a bag of coffee funds the purchase of green coffee beans, and the overhead to operate roasting equipment and pay the team that makes it all happen. At the [...]


The One Cup Project is a Seattle-based social purpose coffee company. It is both a business and a mission that we call a ‘More than Profit’ enterprise. The business is One Cup Coffee Co., an award-winning coffee roaster & retailer. But our mission - why the enterprise really exists - is to demonstrate that profitable business [...]

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