500k in Charitable Impact

Because of your ongoing support, we just reached an incredible milestone. As of today, we’ve surpassed $500,000 in charitable impact purely through the sale of coffee! Yup, you heard that right! Our loyal customers have helped us generate over half a million dollars in charitable impact simply by partnering with One Cup to supply households and offices across the country with our award-winning coffees. As we celebrate this important accomplishment, we want to take the time to thank everybody who has helped us along the way, who believe in making this world a better place! Check out the impact your purchases have made:



Imagine if your company or workplace was generating $20,000 of charitable donations every year by just drinking One Cup Coffee within the facility? The benefits are numerous:

  • Save and improve children’s lives on a regular basis
  • Create meaningful charitable impact with zero effect on your bottom line
  • Increase your brand reputation using free tools to spread the word about the good you are doing

Interested in giving back to those in need by bringing One Cup Coffee into your workplace? Email us at yourfriends@onecup.org for more information.

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